There are several tasks that need to be carried out in order to deliver the planned results. The activities are listed in a logical sequence and grouped by types of Workpackage (WP):

For Workpackage 1-DEV1
1.1.Analysis of present situation of developing key performance indicators for HEIs in EU ( KPI Analysis in EU)
1.2.Analysis of present situation of developing KPI for HEIs in B&H ( KPI Analysis in B&H)
1.3.Study visit to the EU partner institution
1.4.Development of a set of key performance indicators for B&H Universities at institutional level
1.5.Development of a set of common key performance indicators for B&H Universities at national level
For Workpackage 2-DEV2
2.1. Presenting of EU experiences in developing of IT support for collecting and using KPI for strategic decision making ( EU experiences in monitoring KPI)
2.2. Defining of requirements of IT system for monitoring KPI at B&H Universities IT requirements for Monitoring KPI in B&H )
2.3. Conference and results presentation
For Workpackage 3-DEV 3
3.1. Analysis of information necessary for management and accreditation of HEI in EHEA ( Analysis of registers of study programmes in EU )
3.2. Analysis of study programmes structure at B&H universities
3.3. Structure of register of study programmes in B&H
3.4. Required IT support for developing register of study programmes
For Workpackage 4-DEV 4
4.1.Purchase and installment of the equipment in B&H universities
4.2.Training of University staff in collecting and monitoring KPI
4.3. Training of B&H staff for the implementation of register of study programmes
4.4. University Knowledge Transfer to the departments/faculties
For Workpackage 5- DEV5
5.1. Role of quality assurance in strategic management of the institution
5.2. Role of quality assurance in the accreditation and the higher education policy
For Workpackage 6 -DISS
6.1.Development of project website
6.2.Dissemination conference
For Workpackage 7 -EXP
7.1. Establishment of the system for monitoring KPI
7.2. Establishment of the register of study programmes
7.3. Making of development plan
For Workpackage 8 QPLN
8.1 Annual quality expert control    
8.2 Assessment of project management results     
For Workpackage 9 -MNGT
9.1.Implementation of project management
9.2.Organisation of project management meetings