Strategic Management of Higher Education Institutions Based on Integrated Quality Assurance System


The overall aim of the project is to implement quality assurance as an instrument in the strategic development of B&H universities in close cooperation with the Agency for higher education and quality assurance and the authorized Ministries in charge of Higher Education. In this way this proposal of structural measures fully supports the structural reform of higher education in the entire B&H. The consortium is composed of 8 public universities in B&H, 4 EU universities, WUS Austria, Agency for higher education and quality assurance, ministries of education of Republika Srpska, West Herzegovina canton, Zenica-Doboj canton and Sarajevo canton.

After evaluation of the state of the art in the area of Key Performance Indicators ( KPI) in EU, a set of common key performance indicators will be developed for B&H Universities, as well as the monitoring system. The B&H university management staff members will be trained for monitoring KPI and for using KPI in strategic governance of the University. After analysis of information which each University must have at its disposal, a register of all study programmes in higher education in B&H will be developed. Together with the defined KPI, this will enable to collect all necessary information for the strategic management of the University : accreditation, evaluation, planning, enrolment procedures, ....